Wednesday, 6 December 2006

no knitting content tonight

I came home from work this afternoon to find my garden has started to do lovely things. So I thought I'd share. There's nothing to say re knitting because I'm just about to block my scarf so I'll wait until it's done to post that.

In the meantime, indulge me.

Here's my first tomato. I'm the envy of people at work who don't the luxury of self-sewn tomatoes and so still have small plants with plenty of green fruit, but nothing red.

I just ate this little baby with a sprinkling of pink salt.

And here are my Asiatic Lillies that just opened up yesterday. Beautiful! Look at the poor dead grass behind them. No water around to keep it green, but that's ok.

And finally, my babies. Little yellow zucchinis. This is just one of many plants. I'm going to be a bit overwhelmed by them in a short while, I think! Aren't they just so cute???