Wednesday, 17 January 2007

the blogosphere


OK, it's a trendy word. I don't care. I like it. I'm careful where I use it though, not being at all keen on being called a wanker.

I just had a cool realisation. When you hang around the knitting blogosphere for a while, you start to get to know people. I've been following a lot of links from comments on the blogs i frequent lately, and then following links from comments on those blogs and so on and so forth.

I LOVE stumbling across a blog I've never seen before, getting a glimpse of someone else's life and then checking out the comments and seeing names of people I "know" from other blogs.

It's not stalking. Really it's not. It just makes the world seem even smaller.

It's like finding out a good friend of yours knows someone you know, and so it goes.

Anyway, it's fun.

Steeking News

I may have averted disaster.

Despite raging temperatures (put it this way, at 3am this morning, it was still 26 degrees celcius (or 79 degrees F) INSIDE the house. Sheesh. The things you find out when you get up to go to the loo!) I'm still plowing on with the steeked jacket. I'm ten rows in, all caught up now and feeling pretty happy with how it's going.

Then I discovered the worst.

The bloody thing is twisted. What's the number 1 rule with knitting in the round? Don't let it twist!!!

Julie apparently has a solution. She says I can start the steeking early - ie cut it as it is, untwist it, start a new steek etc etc. I'm awaiting instructions, but she's got a sick baby right now so I'm happy to wait.

The two good things I can see about this are: I get to practice steeking while it's still small, thereby being less afraid of the job when it comes to doing the big steek at the end and also, it saves me ripping the whole lot out for the third time in a week. I have enough stress in my life. I don't need more!

Happy knitting