Sunday, 28 January 2007

Sunday morning

As someone who grew up going to church every week, and who gave up going a long time ago, I still sometimes have a sense of Sunday mornings being a kind of sacred time for doing things that feed the soul, if I can say that without sounding too precious.

So, this morning I woke up and baked bread.

It's risen quite high. I like the look of it a lot. Just hope it tastes as good. I wasn't feeling too great this morning. But making the bread really helped me feel better.

While the bread was rising, I worked on the jacket some more.

Drum roll please!

I am happy to announce that I have now completed one full pattern repeat (14 rows)! It's the furthest I've made it so far without having to rip it out. Something is different this time around. I feel more confident with it. Following the chart is less like navigating my way through the ABC Test Pattern. I'm following it so much more easily and feeling a definite flow to the whole process. I'm much, much happier.