Wednesday, 31 January 2007

things you shouldn't do when working on the steeked jacket

I learned the hard way this afternoon about how important is to concentrate when working on the steeked jacket. You'd think I'd have figured that out by now, right?


No photos tonight. It's longer than it was on Sunday, but that doesn't really make for an interesting photo, does it now?

Ok, here are my tips for successful stranded knitting.


Don't engage in humorous text conversations on your mobile when performing stranded knitting (hey Benita!)

Don't get really involved in The Cook and The Chef, getting all excited about them drinking champagne and fresh peach juice in a pretty kitchen in the Barossa Valley, wishing you were there, too.

Don't get up to check your email every five minutes. Finish the bloody round first! the email can wait!


Do relax. It's enjoyable. You know it is. And it's getting better every day.

Do stop and look at your work once in a while, checking for inevitable mistakes. It saves you wanting to slap yourself later (this rule applies especially when texting friends).

Do drink a glass of Late Harvest Verdehlo if you want while knitting. Maybe just stop at one. I must admit to being quite the fan of knitting while drinking. Or is that drinking while knitting? Either way, one of those activities suffers when the other is done too much.

Oh and I got a present in the mail today. A present for me, from me. The Harmony Guide to Aran knitting. (Thank you, ebay).

I feel another new love coming on. How many new loves is a girl allowed to find in the space a few months? How many can she manage?

Oh and i'm going to try and be very clever. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Catriona, wants me to make a vest for her. We can't find any that really say YES, so I think I'm going to design one. But shhh....don't tell anyone. I'm not entirely convinced I can do it yet. I shouldn't get too cocky. Afterall, working out the specifications for the steeked jacket required LOADS of hand holding by Julie. I can't claim all that much credit for that. But I have some ideas now so I'm just going to brood.

OK Carol. Happy now? I posted. :-) Now it's time for bed.

Happy knitting everyone