Saturday, 3 February 2007

portrait of an incomplete steeked jacket

I'm going to have to find exciting ways to show the steeked jacket progress. This could get really dull, really soon, if the only photos I can show are a few more centimeters on the jacket!

I'll have to work on something else once in a while just to have something different to show. I am making the lace scarf I posted pictures of a couple of weeks ago, but it hasn't changed much either.

Perhaps I need to do something small and fast just so I can have a sense of completion.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, two shots of the jacket after spending the best part of today (Saturday) in the lounge room with the curtains closed and three fans running. Sunshine? I could go outside but I don't fancy sweating or skin cancer.

First, the distance shot. Northern hemisphere friends, note what passes for lawn in drought stricken Canberra.

I swear those gigantic balls of wool are starting to look smaller. Some progress at least. What you see is three repeats of the pattern. I'm in love with it, just quietly. I stroke my beloved jacket lovingly and regularly, shoving it in front of anyone who will look and agree that yes, it's gorgeous and intricate. A good thing really. If I hated it, I'd be in serious strife, wouldn't I?

Here's a close up.

Amazingly, I'm picking up so much speed now. Where I used to get one or two rounds done an hour (remember, 327 stitches!), I'm now getting one done every fifteen minutes or so. Thank God I learned two handed knitting. Dropping each thread as I finished with it was going to make this an intolerably slow project.

Oh and other news. I was musing this morning over the whole spinning wheel issue. It seems everyone (ok, slight exaggeration) is getting one, has one or would like to have one. I'm not entirely sure how much I want to delve into that art yet. I have plenty to keep me busy (thank you, steeked jacket!). But Sean went out this morning and called while he was out at a second hand furniture place. He wanted to know how you would know if a spinning wheel had all its bits. I had no idea but I got all excited. The bloke in the shop reckons it's complete. And it's $225. A good deal? What do we think? I'll have to go and have a look and see what I think. If nothing else, I'd love to have one as a decorative piece in the house until such time as I want to learn. Isn't he lovely for thinking of me though?

Ok, off to sweat in the kitchen now. We're having Braised Star Anise Chicken. I think it'll be worthy of a photo, if it turns out as I hope. A mahogany coloured bird with a rich, glossy glaze.

I believe a nice cold glass of Victorian Rose awaits me.