Monday, 26 February 2007

I won again!

I'm so thrilled. Over at Yarnnation I just found out that the lovely Duchess has awarded me (is that the right term?) a skein of her own personally spun and dyed sock yarn because I was the first to comment on a post she wrote recently that made for wonderful reading.

It's a rich, deep green and as I wrote to her just now, I was sitting here tonight thinking green is missing from my sock yarn stash.

So after winning Victorian Lace Today last week thanks to April, I'm feeling pretty bloody good about the blogosphere right now.

It's a much nicer evening now. I have to say, Ellen Degeneres hosting the Oscars was not doing it for me in the slightest. Does anyone other than Portia de Rossi think she's remotely interesting?

Thanks again Duchess. I'm very happy!