Thursday, 1 March 2007

Good Yarn Karma

The blogosphere is being VERY good to me at the moment. What with the Victorian Lace Today win, the green sock yarn win and another win yesterday, I'm starting to feel like I should buy a lottery ticket.

There are a couple of other competitions I'm waiting to hear the results of today or tomorrow (given the time difference between the US and Australia), so who knows, perhaps in the next few days I'll boasting some more!

Anyway, yesterday's win was not so much a win, but a bout of good karma. A few Aussie bloggers have banded together to create a rather special corner of in the internet called Good Yarn Karma. I feel all warm and fuzzy just writing about it.

Got yarn to swap? Yarn you feel could be more loved by someone else? Follow the link and see what Nora and her friends have put together. It's not just for Aussie bloggers, either. There are already some international bloggers participating.

My first spot of GYK has been to 'win' a copy of Interweave Knits, previously owned by Rose.

I've only leafed through a copy at SnB before. I've never read it. This seems like a good way to get better acquainted before I decided if I want to fork out for an international subscription.

Good work GYK girls. I think you've struck gold. And it looks so good, too. It's a great place to visit and see what other people have to offer.

Oh and I got some great stitch markers in the mail last night but as I'm at work, photos will have to wait. They are soooo pretty.