Sunday, 25 February 2007

Sunday morning photos and a hangover

Anyone got a great cure for a red wine hangover? I'm not sure how many glasses I had last night when our friends came for dinner. I think maybe four or five? Not to mention a few whites beforehand and a dessert wine afterwards.

I don't remember feeling particularly drunk, but red wine ALWAYS does this to me. I swear I've been smashed around the head during the night with a cricket bat, or something.

So what do I do? Get up, make tea, and blog. I'm not one for sleeping in at the best of times and laying in bed feeling sandpapery in the mouth and focusing on the stampede in my head isn't my idea of a nice lie in. I'd rather take photos of WIPs.

Here they are.

First up, the swatch for the vest I'm designing for my friend. She's rather fond of all things Celtic and so I thought this cable, lifted from The Harmony Guide to Aran Knitting, would be perfect. She loved it. I love this wool - Merino and Silk from NZ - it's really soft and delicious to work with.

So once it's dry, I'll take some measurements and start figuring out the numbers for the vest. After the last time I tried that, when preparing for the steeked jacket, I think this time it'll be a doddle. No pattern repeats to fit in, except for one cable down the front). Julie, you'll be so proud - I hope!

Next, the near completed pair of socks, the first of which featured in the Sox and the City post of last week.

I've really enjoyed these socks. I got the pattern here, and it's been a lovely way to introduce something other than rib or stocking stitch into socks. The problem is the size. I was initially making them for my sister, who specifically requested pink socks. But once finished, I could hardly get the first one over my heel and she's got a slightly larger foot than I have. Where the cable stops and the heel starts, it's so tight! I'm thinking of going up a size in needle when I get to the heel on the next pair, or maybe just making the heel flap bigger and therefore picking up more stitches for the gusset. Not sure yet.

Here's a close up of the pattern detail.

So these are instead going to a friend who is due to give birth to baby #1 in the next few weeks. She has tiny feet (although I believe they're swollen to buggery at the moment) and they should be perfect. I'll make a little baby pair of socks for the new arrival, too.

And finally, just so you know it's still a going a concern, the steeked jacket.

With the sock deadline looming (I still have to make another pair for my sister before her birthday in mid-March), the jacket has been a little neglected of late. I still love it. I haven't strayed far. In fact, as soon as this post is done, I'm going sit down in front on Sunday morning TV with a fresh pot and the jacket. The sock will probably be finished this afternoon at SnB where there is someone coming who, wait for it, has actually met the Yarn Harlot!!! I haven't met her yet (the new SnB member, not the great Yarn Harlot), but when I do, I may just touch her hand, or something. Ugh. I'm pathetic.

Ok. Enough rambling. Off to make that pot of English Breakfast.