Monday, 23 April 2007

All the way from Tennessee

I was driving home from work today thinking, 'I'd like to blog tonight, but i'm not sure I have anything to blog about.'

Pretty much whenever that happens, the universe sends me something I simply MUST write about.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I finished the purple mohair cardigan and I was pondering what sort of buttons it should be adorned with?

An offer came from Regenia from Tennessee who said she had some vintage pearl buttons she thought I might like.

She was right!

But before we get to the buttons, I have to detail the whole other part of this lovely surprise.

There was a pretty little package in the mail. Sean collected it and called out from the mailbox, 'there's something from Tennessee!'

You've gotta appreciate, that's a long way from here and to me, Tennessee means one thing only. Nashville. I am NOT a country music fan, but I hear the word Tennessee, and I think twangy accents and big hats and heartache. So this whole thing with Regenia has lifted the lid, in a small but lovely way, on the fact there might be more to Tennessee than country music. It's a cliche, I know, and if an American were to say to me, 'when I hear the word Australia, I just think sheep stations!' (OK, Julie did say that once), I would laugh (which I did). So go ahead and laugh at the fact that I have reduced Tennessee to a guitar strumming cliche.

So, back to the box.

I should have photographed it before I opened it but I didn't. I'm impatient. Ask anyone. I didn't even put my work stuff down. I just stood at the kitchen bench and tore at it, thinking all the while, this feels a lot heavier than buttons.....

This is what remains of Regenia's prettily wrapped package.

Out of this creatively wrapped box fell this:

A lovely note, an elephant shaped tape meaure, some lavender mint soap and some chocolate!

Now, the most amazing thing about this little bundle is the soap. I have no sense of smell. Never have had. But if there's one thing, or two rather, that I think I *might* be able to smell, it's both lavender and mint. What a coincidence then that I should get some soap that combines both! The tape measure is gorgeous (and one can never have enough of those things!) and chocolate is, well, an essential food source for me, so thank you Regenia!

And finally, the whole point of this exercise, the buttons!

They're perfect. Just gorgeous. And very special because of the thought that came with them.

I promise I'll post a picture of how they look on the cardigan, as soon as they're sewn on, Regenia.

Oh, and for the record, Regenia said in her note she feels kinda special sending stuff internationally. I have to agree. It is fun. Knowing something you're putting together is going far away and will soon be in someone else's hands is pretty cool. Email, blogging, the virtual world, it's all very cool and real, but adding the tangible element of sending REAL stuff through the mail, is wonderfully old fashioned and thrilling.

Thanks Regenia!