Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Knitterly (K)nirvana

Does it get much better than this?

I worked on a cardigan last spring (that's Sept-Nov here). Some of you who have been around for a while might remember the purple mohair cardigan?

I stopped working on it in December when the sock frenzy took over and because it was too warm to be either wearing or working with mohair. It's been sitting on the back on a lounge chair since then with Sean periodically saying, 'are you ever gonna finish that?'

Well, tonight I did. It's all sewn up and now just needs buttons and blocking.

I'm wearing it this very second and experiencing the deepest satisfaction.

It fits like a dream. It feels delightful to wear - I have it on over just a bra and it's not scratchy against my skin - and I absolutely love it!

The sleeves are the right length. The body is the right length. I love all the little eyelets all over it and I'm am desperate to wear it.

Because it's nearly 10:30pm and I'm not about to take a photo this late at night in bad light, if you want to see it here's a link to a post in November when I discovered the various bits didn't match up and I had to frog some of it. The post should have been called "Note to self: count rows!"

However, if you don't want to do that, just look at the blog banner. That's a close up of the fabric.

I'll post pictures tomorrow after work and in the meantime I have to think about buttons. I never really give buttons a lot of thought but this cardigan is so lovely, I think it will be criminal not to give the buttons serious attention.

Before I got to bed, two cute photos of my lovely nephew, Will, on his first Easter egg hunt last Sunday. He was seriously happy with himself. On finding two rabbit shaped eggs in the garden, he flew across the yard to his parents, eggs aloft, grinning like a champion.

Here he is looking in the catmint, obviously taking it all very seriously -

And here he is, taking the eating of the egg even more seriously.

That's an Aunty Balls original on his head.