Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Things I forgot to say about Sydney

In the rush to tell you all about the drunken exploits of the weekend, I forgot two, no, three seriously important things I actually HAD to say.
1. I met RoseRed - my partner in the Nigella blog fun. We sat and chatted with a third person (see next point) in the Queen Victoria Building and found out a funny thing, which if you read her blog you'd already know. We were once both *in love* with the same boy although we lived about five hours apart. A certain JT that Rose went to school with and who I later knew through church, was serious crush material for us both, several years apart. We sighed and remembered the killer smile, the blonde good looks, the *perfect girl* he ended up marrying. I actually still see him around from time to time but he doesn't remember me. Small world huh? We simply added that to the list of shared interests and experiences we have figured out already. I love that!

2. I got to meet long standing virtual friend, Carol. What joy! How long have we known each other online Carol? About three years? The friendship was there in real life as much as it is online and that's a bloody marvellous thing.

Here we are, looking pretty darn happy to be having a night out! Note, this is before things got too murky for me.

3. On Sunday morning, Carol and I popped into the Sydney shop, Tapestry Craft. Admittedly, I was more than a little green about the gills, but Carol took lovely care of me and we each found scrummy things to look at and buy and both came away feeling like that was a great way to spend some time together on Sunday morning. You know, I've probably walked past that shop so many times before I heard of it and passed it by without knowing the wonders contained in its two floors, all because of the name. Tapestry doesn't interest me in the slightest. Why would I go in there? But the basement floor is ALL wool and other fiber goodies. You'd never know!

Open Plan Office Space - grrrr
One final thing, it's hitting me pretty hard that blogging, reading blogs and all related stuff is not really easy in my new job. Open plan offices are not good for that. So if I appear not to be around much, it's because i'm now cramming all my blog and email time into the evenings when obviously there are other things competing for my attention, particularly my husband who feels somewhat neglected once in a while if I don't at least hang with him a bit. Fair call, right?