Friday, 18 May 2007

I'm here. I'm knitting. Honest!

It's late Friday - the end of my first quite successful week of my new job. Not successful in that I achieved anything huge, but good nonetheless. I've arrived smack bang in the middle of a branch restructure and come Monday, my team will reside elsewhere. Everyone is up in arms about the alarming new structure that's been proposed. Means nothing to me. I wasn't attached to the old one.

So I'm in that lovely honeymoon phase where not giving a shit about work is actually possible and isn't going to get me into any trouble. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Did a spot of late night shopping with a girlfriend tonight. We shop together well. Have done so for about 17 years now.

17 years.

We are getting old. We could tell because much of our conversation was peppered with statements like, 'Did any of us dress that badly when we were that age?' and 'God, look what passes for a hair style nowadays.'

Good grief. Did we really say those things before sitting down to a quiet meal and a glass of Pinot Gris? 17 years ago it would have been a kebab and a coke.

I also knew I was 'of a certain age' when I lectured a younger friend last week about why drinking shots just isn't as fun as it used to be. I think I said things about now enjoying, no savouring, the taste and experience of a drink, rather than slamming down and enjoying the fact I'm paying $10 a hit for drinks that aren't really drinks. God help me.

So I stayed up late to finish a beanie for my brother. Or as the friend I shopped with tonight might call it, a brain cosy. Cute.

He's got a mammoth head. It's one of those dome shaped heads that only boys can have. It's a huge beanie! Today was his birthday but I knew I didn't have to have it finished today because, being in his 20s, my little brother will be out putting away as many of those nasty shots as he can before vomiting his guts up and waking up tomorrow wondering what the hell it was all for.

As for me, because I'm practically middle aged, I'm happy to now be going to bed and listening to the sound of the rain. Yes folks, that's right, it is officially a rainy day in drought ridden Canberra. Our Prime Minister told the people of Australia he was praying for rain and we got it. Glad to know God is on his side. *snigger* I'm still not gonna vote for him.