Saturday, 19 May 2007

Siblings in Hats & a Gift for Me

My younger brother and sister just came by to collect the gifts for my brother's birthday. Quite by coincidence, my brother showed up in the vest I made for him a couple of years ago so we had a photo session.

Here is Keith, doing his best to look like a cute guy from a knitting pattern photo shoot. He loves his hat, or Brain Cosy. Apparently when people ask him about his vest they tell him it's 'so daggy it's cool.' I think that's a good thing.

Fee was feeling left out and wanted to know if I had any hats already made up that she could have.

As it happened, I did. I dug around and found a slightly sparkly one left over from the crochet beanie years. I knew it would find a home eventually. Just goes to show you can never have too many knitted or crocheted items floating around the house as impromptu gifts!

They then burst into a skit about being on the red carpet and being asked who they were wearing. They would declare, 'I'm wearing Bells.'

I've so gotta get some labels made up!

Yesterday I had coffee with Olivia, a SnB friend who works right near me in the city. She makes the most amazing felted bowls in all shapes and sizes and I've long admired them. She showed up to coffee with one all for me.

It fits into the palm of my hand like a really large egg. I absolutely adore it and have been playing with it pretty constantly since lunch time yesterday. Check out her stuff. She's really very clever!