Friday, 1 June 2007

things are about to be a lot more fun around here

Well, for me anyway and hopefully for you all.

We just bought a new camera and as we speak, the battery is charging and Sean is absorbing the instructions.

Thank God someone around here reads manuals.

In the shop, looking at the model we'd been researching, Sean handed the camera to me and said, in front of the saleswoman, 'You're the blogger. You play with it.'

That was a strangely satisfying and embarrassing moment.

Anyway, here, for posterity only, is the last ever photo I will ever take with the shitty old camera we have made do with for a few years. It was good while it lasted but seriously, you'd hope for more than 3 photos with a camera battery, wouldn't you?

Sean says it's like an odd form of cannibalism, to take a photo of the new camera with the old camera. I think he's right.

Vale old Canon Ixus. You served me well and documented many happy moments in the last three years. All those knitting projects! The birth of my nephew (well, not the birth, but his first day), my garden, our holidays, food, you name, I've snapped it.

I'm dying to wake up tomorrow and photograph anything and everything.

You have been warned.