Saturday, 2 June 2007

Green Monkey socks - finito!

And so for my first batch of photos with the new camera, I got up early this morning to finish the last green monkey sock.

I love this pattern so much. I don't think I'm alone. At least two other bloggers I'm aware of, Dances with Wool and January One, are going through a monkey phase and I can see why.

They are fast, interesting enough to keep you going without being so complex you can't knit them on the bus like I do and they look great while also staying up very nicely. I'm gifting this pair but am just trying them out before I wash them and they wear beautifully.

God bless Cookie. She's a very clever designer.

Now, this wool, some of you might remember, came from Duchess at Yarnnation. I made the first one a couple of months ago because I fell in love with the wool straight away. I love it so much all knitted up that I'm giving it away. I can't say who is getting them yet because she doesn't know. She should by about Tuesday. :-)

It's just that after the last pair i gave away, i realised what fabulous gifts these socks make and I want to pass on more of the monkey joy.

Next, Purple Monkeys!

This is the Purple Trainwreck from Julie. It's been sitting in the basket in the lounge room just waiting patiently to be made into socks. I had plans to make Pomotomus socks but it occurred to me this morning that there's a line in a Tori Amos song that references a purple monkey. I think the decision was made at that point and I'm going to cast them on just as soon as I hit publish.

I can't wait!

I also have to make the second of Sean's socks. Look at his poor feet. One of them is very cold.

And finally, a random shot of my sock wool basket, well, where some of the sock wool lives. I was just mucking around with the new camera last night and kinda liked this one.

This afternoon, we'll go for a walk and play with the camera more. Time for a few more photos of where I live while there's pretty, early winter light around.

Fun fun fun!