Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Party for One!

So, here I am on my first night alone in our house. Sean is in the air, on his way to Adelaide, and I am quite happy.

This is not meant to say that I don't miss him. I think the party for one tonight is about a)having fun and b)not being the sort of woman who sits at home moping without her husband. I'll be out tomorrow night, so tonight is the Party for One so I don't feel lonely.

One the way home from work I called in at the supermarket to buy some treats and spotted the oyster display.


I've long wanted to try a recipe I've got for a Singaporean Oyster Omelette for one. Perfect. Sean has a pretty severe shellfish allergy, so I never cook this sort of thing when he's home.

Check this out.

It's got loads of garlic, ginger and chilli in it - well, not loads, but quite a bit and that provides a nice amount of spicy crunch in the soft, squishy, eggy mix. And then, nestled in all of that are one dozen oysters.

Actually, there were only 11. It took real restraint not to eat more of them.

This dish totally lived up to expectation, and it wasn't even perfect. I'm absolutely going to have to make it again and again and again until I get it absolutely perfect. A friend informs me that sweet potato starch can be used as well to aid in getting the texture right. I'll have to give that a go.

So, with a glass of sparking Pinot Noir Chardonnay, an oyster omelette and a warm house, you can imagine I am one happy girl right now.

On the way home, on the bus, I finished my malabrigo scarf. World's fastest scarf ever - for me at any rate. I started it last Thursday and it's Tuesday night here.

It took only one skein - that means I have another one left. Wonder what I should do with it? What do we think of malabrigo mittens?

Dorky photo? Best I could do, I'm afraid.

I'm off to knit and eat chocolate halva now. Diet schmiet.