Wednesday, 13 June 2007

A rather more subdued party for one

Tonight is my second night on my own. Sean is busy wandering around Adelaide looking for something suitable for dinner and I have Moroccan Chicken in the oven.

My friend and I were supposed to be going out for mussels tonight, but then I thought I'd like to cook for her. Then she decided to cancel because her work is crazy and she has to put in some late nights. I was very disappointed. But I'd already got some chicken out to cook so I figured I might as well cook it for myself. Chicken waits for no one.

Wasn't I supposed to not be cooking during my evenings on my own? I can't help myself. I'm feeling a little poorly (sore throat) and feel the need for something wholesome and comforting. It'll go nicely with the Cab Sav - for medicinal purposes, obviously.

Pretty soon I'll be on the couch, warmed and fed, steeked jacket sleeve in my hands and Wednesday night TV for company.

It was freezing today - below zero for far longer than is reasonable, and I greatly appreciated having my malabrigo scarf. So warm, so soft. I am in love.

Friday Night Knitting Club
Now, would anyone like a copy of the novel, Friday Night Knitting Club, by Kate Jacobs? I got a copy from Donyale who got the copy from RoseRed. RoseRed is happy for it to be passed along to anyone who wants it. I'm going to write our names in the front cover and see where it ends up!

I think as each person gets the book, they should blog about it and drop RoseRed a note so that she knows the trail her book is following.

It's not a bad read. It's about as I expected it. I kept seeing Julia Roberts in it - how irritating. I can't stand JR. But I enjoyed it moderately.

God i'm not really encouraging anyone to take it on, are they? But if you want it, leave a comment and it's yours, as long as you are prepared to pass it on in the same way.