Monday, 16 July 2007

Finished Objects, Clever Husbands and Storage

Thanks everyone for your really lovely birthday wishes. I had a very peaceful weekend, lots of time spent with my Knit Picks Options needles. Oh boy. They are good. Believe the hype. I love the point. Not too pointy and not too blunt. I only had trouble with the cable coming loose once and that was because I'm a dunce who didn't read the instructions properly re using the little key. It's all good.

Lots to show off this evening, beginning with Sean’s first ever and long-awaited socks! I've probably said it all before but it is the garter rib sock from Sensational Knitted Socks, knit in Regia sock yarn in some colour - name of which escapes me because I never remember to keep ballbands (yes, RoseRed, all that is about to change).

These took ages because a) they’re huge (he has quite wide feet) and b) they’re done in ribbing on 2.25s. Kinda boring, actually, but the effect is great. He loves them.

Although I have to say, for a bloke with wide feet, Sean's got remarkably slender ankles and heels, if I can say such a thing without calling into question his masculinity. I’m going to have to work out heel and ankle shaping to make a more snug fitting sock for him. Alwen had some great info on this in the last week or so. I recommend it to anyone grappling with the finer points of sock shaping.

Next, the sock blockers Sean made for me.

Am I not a lucky girl? I am married to a clever and loving bloke. Seriously.

Last time I posted a picture of these, they were unvarnished and covered in the monkey socks. Now they’re varnished and totally finished. Don’t they look wonderful? I love the slight variations in shaping. That makes them entirely mine. Sean is still learning how to do this stuff, hence the unique shaping.

I know that not everyone thinks sock blocking is necessary but honestly, after seeing the before and after look of the monkey socks recently, I was so grateful for the blockers, particularly as I was exhibiting the monkey socks. I couldn’t have made them look better by wearing them, pressing them, pinning them out or any other method you might care to mention.

On a final note, I'm sure many of you saw the marvellous tutorial by RoseRed last week on the RoseRed Standard of Stash Systemisation. If you haven't, check it out because I think she's one clever knitter.

Here is a photo demonstrating that on the weekend, I took her advice and bought some Gladbags while I was waiting to meet fellow blogger, Ailsa, aka Pick Up Sticks from Wollongong, for a drink. *Waves to Ailsa*

We were driving out to Tuggeranong for lunch on the weekend, a good half hour drive from our place, so I took with me a new sock in progress (Patonyle basic rib pattern and pretty blue Patonyle yarn) and thought to snap evidence of my willingness to change my errant ways. Change happens, sometimes slowly, but I'm hoping to avoid loss of ballbands and other painful issues in the future. I'll get there. Turning 35 seems like a good time to instigate some measures for self improvement.