Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Hot off the needles & an introduction

Here is my second Yarn Harlot One Row Scarf!

This one is made from Paton's Shadow Tweed - 2 x 100g balls, on 6mm Knit Picks ciricular needle.

I really don't like making scarves all that much because of the high boredom factor (unless it's a lace scarf) but somehow this one has just clicked with me. I'm quite taken with the stitch pattern (K2, K1tbl, P1 repeat) and the rather pleasing way such a simple design works up to look so eye catching.

It's a gift for a friend. It was meant to go to her today over lunch but alas, I am home with a head cold. So it'll have to wait. I hope she likes it.

Blogger Introduction
Another dear friend of mine has joined the blogging community. Polly - aka The Contented Little Housewife. Some of you may remember a frenzied bout of baby sock knitting I undertook about six months ago. The socks I made were for Polly and her adorable newborn son, Oliver. Well, Oliver is now almost six months old and it seems Polly is coming to terms with her status as a housewife, and all the challenge and amusement it presents for a girl who always loved her career.

I'm really hoping Polly sheds some light on life in rural New South Wales, where she lives. She's got some great stories to tell about life among the bogans (they're rednecks or yokels, for the US readers).

Welcome Polly! Great to have you join us!