Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Well that answers that question

Things have been odd here lately.

For some days, my sheep bag, BB, has scuttled away when I approach him to get something out of his belly. I tend to store odds and ends there and it's most annoying when I can't get near him.

For a while, I just shook my head and got on with something else, figuring BB was just being cheeky. But the longer it went on, the more it bothered me.

He's a sheep bag, for crying out loud! Who the hell does he think he is?

Today, I decided enough was enough. We had the house to ourselves and things were definitely getting weirder. He jumped whenever I entered the room and was decidedly sheepish.

I was finally was able to sneak up on him and grab him while he was listening to an audio book on my ipod (he's a big fan of the Diana Gabaldon novels).

He bleated and carried on like a two bob watch, but I got the better of him after a bit of a struggle and once I had him unzipped (why does that sound vaguely perverse?), well just look at what I found!

See the crumpled bit of paper inside him? See!

Now I get it. I should have known Lulu was behind BB's bizarre behaviour. She always is.

I believe the two of them are planning, firstly, an escape for Lulu from her (deserved) incarceration followed by a release from prison with a media circus to rival that of Ms Hilton last month. I think Lulu fancies herself a local Paris Hilton, just quietly. The ego of that lamb knows no bounds.

And her influence on my once-innocent BB is nothing less than mystifying.

Just in case you can't remember where Lulu is, here's the most recent photo I have of her locked inside a cabinet at the Knit1Blog1 exhibition, where she was locked up after the great jewellery heist in South Canberra.

Rest assured, Jejune has been informed. Action will be taken.