Friday, 3 August 2007

Made it

It's Friday thank God. Friday evening, more specifically. I've arrived, somewhat rung out and limping (not literally). But no matter, I'm here now.

The weekend promises much goodness.

First thing tomorrow we drive to Sydney to stay at my sister's house while she's in Germany. She texted me from a laundromat in Munich last night. I found that oddly funny.

I'm going wool shopping with a newbie knitter in the afternoon. She's made a beautiful garter stitch scarf in neutral tones and is ready for more.

Dinner with a friend of ours Saturday night.

Sunday brunch with RoseRed, Shazmina, BrownPants and (hopefully)Nora from Black Dog Knits. There will be talking, eating and knitting - probably roughly in that order. I've only met RoseRed before, not the other girls. This is bound to be a hoot and the weekend out of town I need.

Blogging sure has introduced me to some fantastic people. I love it for that.


I'm still loving Ravelry. I've slowed down in playing with it somewhat since it's kinda hard to do that at work, but it's proven most useful in just stumbling across patterns other people have put in their queues. Just by accident, I was looking at what Donyale had put in her queue and it alerted me to a pattern I'd never seen before and was exactly what I'd been looking for.

Ka-ching! If I had paid for membership, I'd say I was getting my money's worth already. I may have to donate.


I'm thinking of keeping a log of how many rows I get done of the steeked jacket, kind of like an accountability system. I get to report to you guys. I'll think about it. It's meant to be funny but if it feels like a burden I'll shove the idea.

Needless to say, I AM actually working on it again. I pulled it out last night and Sean declared, 'What? The steeked jacket sleeve? I don't believe it.' He was lucky I was working with a circular needle and not tiny, tiny little DPNs or he'd have been impaled with one.