Sunday, 5 August 2007

Map reading is not my strength

Our weekend in Sydney was great fun. Sadly, there will be no photos tonight as blogger is being a bastard and will not upload.

The title of this post refers to the vast quantities of map reading that I did, some of it sans Sean, as I had some time on Saturday afternoon on my own while Sean was at the pub with a mate and I was off to go wool shopping.

For Sydneysiders, let me just illustrate this by saying I was supposed to get from North Parramatta to Beecroft. I ended up in Kellyville.


Wool Shopping With a Newbie
Once I got to Beecroft, I went shopping at Sue's CherryHills with a friend who is a newbie knitter, Victoria. This was after trying to shop at Rubi + Lana and Greta's and finding them closed - what is it with Sydney knitting shops closing just after lunch on a Saturday???!! It's not like they're country town shops where the whole main street is vacated at midday on the dot. Grrr.

Anyway, Sue's CherryHills was very accommodating and no matter how much I tried to steer Victoria away from extra bulky novelty yarn, she had her heart set on it and away she went with a not insubstantial First Stash and we passed the remainder of the afternoon learning an important lesson.

Why Novelty Yarn Makes Learning New Techniques Somewhat Challenging.

She did well though and has lovely technique. It warmed my heart.

Saturday Night Dinner
I dined on kangaroo. A rather large slab of it. I was happy. The idea of Moroccan Kangaroo amused me greatly.
Sunday Morning Brunch
I was fortunate enough to have brunch this morning in Summer Hill with three of the loveliest women on the planet.

Shazmina Bendi
Brown Pants

Sadly Ms Black Dog Knits was waylaid and there was much pouting and gnashing of teeth when the call came through that she wouldn't be joining us. If she hadn't called me to say so, I'd be suspecting she didn't actually exist as that's TWICE she's failed to make it along to one of our gatherings.

There'd better not be a third time, Nora!

Anyway, I shall post photos later of all the work that went on amidst the talking and eating, but suffice to say, we had a blast. It's fantastic when online relationships translate seamlessly into meeting in person. I LOVE that.

The girls were extremely cool with having Sean with us. He was going to go and amuse himself elsewhere but it never quite happened and he proved he is extremely adept and slotting into knitting conversation with the best of 'em. I think he was also quietly chuffed that the girls requested sets of sock blockers. He's on it, girls. He's on it.

I'm also pleased to say there was no need to threaten him with DPN impaling today. He was supremely well behaved on THAT front.