Monday, 6 August 2007

The missing photos

Finally, blogger seems to be cooperating. So, here are a selection of photos from our weekend away. It's gotten so that Sean now regularly says, 'hey, you should take a photo of X for the blog.' I don't know if we u se our camera for much else!

Here's my knitting bag, all ready for the 24 hours we were going to be away.

Yes, 24 hours. I'm sure you all know about that particular knitterly quirk. Note, please, the implementation of the Rose Red System of Stash Standardisation (ie the judicious use of Ziplock bags).

I'm rather ashamed to admit we always stop at McDonalds on the road to Sydney. This time, we got to have breakfast with some bad knitting.

There was a charity stall outside McDonald's at Sally's Corner. Lots and lots of fairly ugly knitting that just had to be snapped. That's Sean's arm.

Here's the sleeve of the steeked jacket at brunch on Sunday.

See how sunny it was? We roasted, sitting as we were in the front window of Muse. We were something of a spectacle as people stood at the front window staring at a bunch of kooky girls and one guy all knitting away over tea and eggs. Not the guy, in this instance. It was quite amusing and sometimes damn hard to look natural.

Here's the jaywalker that Brownpants was working on. Lorna's Laces, self striping. Gorgeous.

Here is RoseRed's final Sockapalooza sock. She finished them while we were brunching and the finished socks can be seen here.

Shazmina, meanwhile, was working on an intriguing hat for her sister. There was much talk of dreadlocks spilling out the top.

After that, she moved onto a Big, Bad, Baby Blanket.

I looooove those colours.

And last, but not least, RoseRed's second clapotis (affectionately known as 'the clappy'). It's still itty bitty and it's laceweight and just gorgeous. Do we all agree?

I have passed fewer more pleasant Sunday morning brunches in my time. Thanks guys. Love you lots!


ps I am massively behind in blog reading. Honestly, go away for a day and it just goes crazy in blogland! I'm getting through my list slowly, but surely.