Thursday, 6 September 2007

Southern Summer of Socks

Do you have an unwieldy sock yarn stash?

Would you like to reduce it?

Maybe you don’t have an imposing sock yarn stash but want an excuse to buy lots of yarn!

Have you ever watched the northern hemisphere Summer of Socks fun in the middle of July and wished we had something similar south of the equator?

Or maybe you missed the boat on the northern Summer of Socks and will jump at the chance to participate in one over the northern winter.

Whatever category you fit into, RoseRed and I have cooked up an idea to start a Southern Summer of Socks and it’s open to anyone.

We’ve had a look at the regular Summer of Socks and figure we want to run one that’s probably not quite as complex. We’re still developing the idea but some of the things we’re talking about at the moment include:

- Creating a separate blog that anyone can contribute to (or you can just post on your own blog – or both!)
- a banner and button competition in the lead up to kick off;
- a few competitions including the most socks knit over summer, best new design, that kind of thing;

Essentially we hope it’ll be a fairly easy to run KAL – very little hands on work (pardon the pun) so that we also have more time to knit socks ourselves.

And just because it’s a southern hemisphere KAL, doesn’t mean sock lovers from above the equator can’t participate. Join in if you want. No problems at all.

You can tell us about how you’re freezing your butt off in January when we’re sweating and throwing back the ice cold beverages.

So anyway, there’s nowhere to sign up yet. We’re just floating the idea but please do let us know if you’re interested, either here or on RoseRed’s blog. And spread the word. Tell others. Let’s make the summer of 2007-2008 a good one!