Wednesday, 19 September 2007

the definition of hell

Six hundred and seven stitches.

A mistake.

Two rounds back.

A whole round's worth of a mistake and one that not even someone who claims she never rips back would ignore!


(Regenia, there's your answer to how it's going. It WAS going well.)

I only just started drinking a glass of wine so I'm not blaming that. But it'll help me get through the stitch by stitch ripping back.


I'll need at least two.


My sister says I don't mention her enough on the blog. So here she is.

ADELE! Consider yourself mentioned. :-) If you like, I can tell the world your nickname!

And here's a photo of us, with our younger sister, Fiona (the blonde one on the end), taken two years ago at our first ever REM concert (we're huge fans) in Sydney. We were VERY excited.

I don't usually think we look alike but I think this photo says we do. We're all in possession of BIG smiles, aren't we?

A competition has been announced at Southern Summer of Socks - we're looking for participants who want to design banners and buttons. Check it out!

Coming soon: Tori Amos review and a couple of lovely gifts.