Saturday, 22 September 2007

Watch me fly!

After my rather desperate and unhappy post on Wednesday night, a certain person contacted me to help put me out of my misery. You see, I was working all 600+ stitches of the steeked jacket on two circulars because I didn't have one long enough and thought it was extravagant to buy a new, longer one when I might not need it for that long.

This is what it looked like.

A shambles, huh? That bamboo needle is something nameless and awful. It was a huge effort to yank the stitches onto it and I was hating it.

Enter Janette. She's a long term supporter of this project (well, you'd have to be wouldn't you, at nine months and counting) and she offered to send me a long addi turbo to help and probably to make watching me do this a whole lot less painful!

The needle arrived this morning and I pounced on it. I've taken advantage of a quiet house for the last couple of hours (my FIL is visiting but he's gone to see Ratatouille with Sean and our niece) and buried myself in this now rather heavy garment.

This was taken outside a few minutes ago.

It looks like a real jacket now, doesn't it? I feel the magic is finally starting to happen. So Janette, thank you. You've saved me a lot of cursing and no doubt from a lot bitching on the blog. Very, very much appreciated. I'm flying now.

That said, every girl needs her sanity breaks and the bus knitting continues to meet that need. Here's a sock that took a bit over two weeks.

Lacy Mock Cable socks in Lorna's Laces, which was given to me by my Fairy God Knitter as an incentive to finish the sleeves. See above, Fairy God Knitter! I think I'm allowed now.

I've received some other fabulous stuff in the last week and all of it must be blogged, but I'm trying to keep posts limited to one, maybe two subjects so I'll save the gifts for during the week.

Right now, I think I'll go have a slab of this and read some blogs.

I made it this morning and my FIL loved it!