Thursday, 27 September 2007

Gifts are nice

It's a rather obvious title, I know, but it's true. Gifts are nice and lately I've received some wonderful gifts.

First up was a Gift Therapy box from Jejune.

This is a wonderful idea that Jejune has written about before. Friends who are sad or struggling need gestures of friendship and kindness and the idea behind a gift therapy box is a simple one. Inside are a bunch of little gifts to make me smile.

In the two weeks since Jejune gave me this box, I have slowly opened the gifts as I felt inclined. I am happy to report that not all the gifts have been opened yet. I'm developing the art of delayed gratification.

I'm very glad I waited. Two days ago I miscarried properly and was at emergency for five hours because of the severe pain. It happened the same night that a woman in Sydney miscarried in the toilet of the Royal Northshore hospital. Unlike her, I was treated with sensitivity and speed. I feel so completely awful for her. I just can't imagine it.

I didn't mention in my original post that although we had been told there would be no baby, we had to wait to actually lose it. It was just too awful to write about. Nearly three weeks of waiting ended on Tuesday night. I'm home for the rest of the week and just taking things easy. I'm feeling very, very sad so Jejune's gift box will be called on quite a bit I think. There have been such lovely little trinkets and treats so far. It's wonderful.

Next up, Amy in Rhode Island sent RoseRed and I thank you gifts for setting up Southern Summer of Socks.

How beautiful is that? And such a surprise! It's pretty true to the colour, what you see in that photo. Amy called it yellow but I think of it more as a natural cream colour. I'm desperate to use it!

Finally, to say she was thinking of me, Nora sent me a scarf that she made.

It's wool and it's beautiful. It feels so luxurious and looks so elegant.

So, thanks friends. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your gifts. The kindness of people is always something worth talking about.

And finally, the steeked jacket continues at a cracking pace. Time off work, requiring rest, is proving good for it. I'm up to the shoulder decreases and feel like the end is in sight.