Monday, 24 September 2007

Southern Summer of Socks - Personal Challenge

This morning, RoseRed posted a list of challenges she's setting for herself as part of the Southern Summer of Socks KAL. Great idea, though I! Why don't I do the same?

Just because our aim with setting up SSS was to destash a little sock yarn (in order to make room for more, obviously) doesn't mean an incentive or two isn't needed, either. RoseRed's incentive is to buy some Socks that Rock at the end of it all so I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon with that one. I've never fondled any either, although I did get to see some up close and personal once.

So, here's the challenge I'm setting for myself. It's all about techniques, really, with a few other bits and pieces thrown in for good measure.

1. I will learn to do magic loop. I can't promise I'll like it, but I bought needles from Donyale's knit picks store last week in anticipation.

2. I will at least attempt, once I've learned magic loop, to knit two socks at once. I'm scared but when I think that the thought of turning a heel used to make me break out in a cold sweat, I reckon I can at least give it a go.

3. I will make one pair of long socks with calf shaping. This may require additional stash purchases though, since you need more yarn to do it.

4. I will either modify an existing adult pattern for a child or design a pair of socks for a child. My 7 year old neice would rather like some socks, i think.

5. I will try knitting socks on one small (ie 30cm) needle. Having knitted my sleeves on them recently, I reckon this'll be a doddle, until I have to figure out that whole heel and gussett issue.

6. I'll make a sock in fair isle. No, really I will. Stop laughing! The steeked jacket's only whet my appetite for fair isle. Seriously!

I think that's about it. Is this a scary list? I'm thinking maybe it is.

If you're in SSS, do you have a challenge list? I get the impression there are some virgin sock knitters signing up, so maybe you just want to get through a pair.

If that's your Everest, then go for it!