Sunday, 23 September 2007

Happy Feet

I've been working on some socks for a while that I couldn't really talk about because they were a gift for a friend who reads my blog. She received them on Friday and loved them. They're blue patonyle socks and although fairly simple in design and colour, so effective.

They were for Carol, my lovely friend who lives in country Victoria and is married, just by way of interest, to a bloke who makes bagpipe reeds for a living. Sometimes, when I feel despondent about being a public servant, I think of people like Carol's husband who do cool, slightly quirky things for a living, and feel somehow even more despondent.

Anyway, if you wanna see how a pair of plain rib socks in Patonyle look, check out Carol's latest post. She takes gorgeous photos. I loved seeing a photo of my stuff taken so prettily.

Southern Summer of Socks is taking off beautifully. Sign ups are flooding in and we're getting a real sense of a buzz in blogland. I think it's gonna be fun to have a KAL that's free and open and has only one requirement. That you knit socks.

RoseRed and I plan to set ourselves some challenges and hope others will,too. I'll be posting a list of mine this week some time.

For now I'm off to keep on steeking after a long day of (successful) furniture shopping and general housey stuff.