Saturday, 29 September 2007

Oops. Did I just say that out loud?

So this morning we have been preparing for a delivery of three new major items of furniture and are now sitting around waiting for said delivery. They promised 1-2 hours from the phone call 90 or so minutes ago, so maybe soon.

Anyway, my job was to move all the small stuff out of the way (still not feeling 100% so have light duties). Guess what most of that small stuff was?


This isn't The Stash. This is extra stuff I haven't quite got around to putting away yet. In one corner was the basket with WIPs and new purchases not yet put away. Sean was cool with that. It was there in plain view. No shame. No secrets.

Then, as chairs were being pulled away from walls there came the cry (not from me), 'More bags of wool! What is this?'

Umm. It's mine. I'd forgotten it was there. Sort of. That's the story I tell anyway.

Next thing I knew, as I was gathering up the plastic bags to be shoved into the spare room for dealing with them later, I muttered, 'I have too much wool.'

And then i wished I had only thought it, not said it, because it's the kind of statement that's not likely to be forgotten around here. I can see it now and I bet you all can, too.

I'll come home with a new acquisition and before I can hide it, he'll say, 'But I thought you said you had too much wool!'

What have I done?