Monday, 1 October 2007

What a weekend!

And not, for the most part, in a good way. After feeling very unwell and quite down all week, I was looking forward to a nice weekend with Sean in which we were to have lots of new furniture delivered. Well, not LOTS but a dining table, an entertainment unit and a tall boy for our bedroom.

I won't recount the entire fiasco here because frankly I'm too tired and the shiraz I'm drinking just kicked in (mmm....mood enhancement) but suffice to say there's a particularly dodgy furniture purveyor in Fyshwick who has screwed us around so severely this weekend that we have spent most of the weekend in a state of intense anger and frustration.

If you are in the market for new furniture, live in Canberra and want to know who to avoid, email me. I'll tell you who they are, even though i told them I wouldn't once they gave into our demand and handed over a very nice wine rack as compensation for their extreme fuck ups and incompetency.

So, by the time it was dark, we had finally put our new furniture in place and bought ourselves Vietnamese takeaway as a treat after such a painful weekend.

I will just say though that the hell was momentarily relieved by a visit from Georgie and her adorable little man, James, who followed Sean around and then helped me water the garden. So, not all was a nightmare.

Southern Summer of Socks

So SSS finally kicked off today and in all the waiting around for the furniture delivery dickhead, I got the chance to work on newly cast on sock. I'm terrible at starting new socks. There's just too much damn choice. In the last day I've cast on about four different socks, in various yarns, all to no avail. That is until I set upon skeins of Koigu that were a swap gift from Julie.

Finally, something felt right. I'm doing a plain, stockinette sock because when you've got sock yarn that loud and funky, you need to let it speak for itself.

Alright, I'm off to enjoy my new lounge room configuration. It's like living in a new house! RoseRed, photos coming soon.