Friday, 5 October 2007

A fabulous day

So today was a great day. I had the day off work. Yes, that alone makes it a great day, but there was more.

It was a day of friends, food, wine and knitting.

A blogger who is known to some of you, Tanya (A Barrister's Yarn) flew in from Brisbane and was collected from the airport by Georgie and her son, James. This was a favour to me as I was busy at the time that Tanya's plane landed.

Soon they arrived at my house, as did Jejune, and pretty soon we were eating, chatting and being amused by James who likes to play the drums (on any surface).

That's a loaf of bread in the centre of the table. I got up and made it early this morning. Yum.

And this is how we ate it.

When young James went to sleep, the grown ups sat knitting and chatting for quite some time. This was a big day for Tanya. You see, she's never had a knitting date before. Can you imagine? To never have sat with friends knitting and passing several very, very pleasant hours?

It had to be rectified. It just had to be. She's no longer an SnB virgin.

Later, James woke up and he made a friend.

Lulu. Who knew Lulu was so cuddly?

Or so kissy?

Nor did we know she was such a big Wiggles fan.

You can't beat a day like that. You just can't.


In sock news, here's the most recent shot of the koigu sock.

This was taken last night by Quilting Mick. Tonight I started working on the toe during Wire in the Blood. I'll finish it in the morning. I freaking love these socks.