Tuesday, 2 October 2007

SHOESday: Purple Shoes

I missed Shoesday last week, when RoseRed wrote about her gorgeous purple shoes. Not to be outdone, I present here my purple shoes, which are admittedly looking a little worse for wear. I have worn them to death!

And if my ankles or feet look puffy in these photos it's because tonight, they are. I'm so puffed up and have no idea why. Also, the lighting is kind of bad. Forgive me. They really are purple.

I bought them a year ago this week while we were on a weekend away in the Rutherglen wine region in Victoria.

Sean and I popped over the river to a town Georgie knows well, Corowa. The shoes were on a stand outside a little shoe shop, on sale, and they spoke to me.

At the time, I was under the heavy influence of a pointy shoe obsessed friend at work, Benita. I'd never worn any because I have such difficult feet but these are soft and not high heeled so I can get away with wearing them. The lesson I learned from this most important purchase is that the right shoes really can make you feel good. For someone who wears shoes for comfort more than style (I know this because a beauty queen I used to work with TOLD me so) this was a revelation!

You can see how worn out they are. I wear them with jeans all the time, those purple points poking out underneath the hem. Sadly, I think I'll have to retire them soon.

And yes, I am standing on a coffee table for these photos, in case you were wondering.