Friday, 9 November 2007

Friday Fotos

Tonight's post is just showing stuff. I'm on the verge of finishing a few things but will save them.

First up, regular readers will know my love of Duck Noodle Soup. Hell, if you only started reading in the last fortnight, you'll know that by now. It's my takeaway meal of choice. However, yesterday I found out that Sean intended to make his own. And he did.

It's dead easy. Buy half a roast duck from a Chinese Roast Inn. Heat up stock (we just happened to have my Asian spicy chicken stock in the freezer. Cook egg noodles. Chop spring onions/scallions. Combine. Top with bean shoots.


Looks just like a bought one!

Next, a pretty, secret thing I can't talk about. But I can show you a detail.

Also, some Yarn Cakes, courtesy of Donni. She made it. Isn't she clever?

I introduce you to Bruised Bloodwood. (Don't you love how it's posing on our garbage bin? The light was best there yesterday afternoon.)

And burnt butter.

I'm in love. Truly, madly, deeply.

Also, some of our roses. Thankfully, I have a father in law who knows about such things and when we moved in, saved them from the ravages of years of renters who neglected them.

Finally, Saturday is the birthday of someone special. Go wish her a happy birthday while she's away for the weekend!

Now, I'm off to watch Rebus. God I love Friday night crime shows!