Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The race is on!

As if I don't have enough WIPs at the moment (Ravelry tells me I have 5, not counting the steeked jacket) I started another one last night that was sensationally impulsive.

A friend of ours announced a couple of days ago that she will be in town at the end of this month for a flying visit, all the way from Perth (note: that's a long, long way away - like New York to LA far away).

I believe I can speak freely here. She doesn't read the blog, although she does read Mouthfuls of Heaven, being a mean cook and Nigella fan and not so much of a knitter - as in not a knitter at all!

The last time she was in town, she saw me knitting socks and expressed a desire for some, should I ever feel inclined. I think I did actually offer so by rights I really should have done them by now, but that was earlier in the year and much time has passed. I believe she's probably even forgotten we had such a conversation.

How do I know this? Because when I had the brilliant idea the other night to knit a pair of socks before the end of the month, I texted her and asked her shoe size.

She seemed puzzled by the totally random question, told me she has a (mercifully) smallish pair of feet and why on earth did I need to know that?

'No reason' replied I, as if she was ever going to believe that. But she let it lie and now I'm abandoning all other WIPs in favour of these beauties.

These are Go With The Flow socks from 25 Favourite Socks in Cherry Tree Hill Solids - Cherry.

When I was debating which sock to do in this yarn (and leaning seriously towards Monkey socks because it's been at least three months since I made a pair) I turned, as I so often do, to my guiding light, RoseRed.

If anyone could help me decide what to do with red sock yarn, it would be RoseRed.

Her sage advice was that the Go With The Flow socks were actually knitted up in the original pattern using Cherry Tree Hill solids and how often do we, being outside the US, get the chance to match up a pattern and a yarn that is hard to get here?

So there you have it. When in doubt, check with RoseRed. She knows best.

So now, I have roughly 3 weeks to get these done. It's no problem at all, surely. All my Christmas knitting is well on target (thank God for small projects) so I can sink my teeth into these for a while. Easy four row repeat pattern and absolutely delightful yarn. I've not used Cherry Tree Hill before. It's a bit like koigu and I love it!