Monday, 19 November 2007

Labour of Love - A Definition

It's been 33 degrees today (that's 91 for you fahrenheit people). I had to block a very special item - a Christmas gift project.

For the last half hour, I've been crouching on the floor in our spare room - the hottest room in the house (which was needed to dry this item quickly) blocking something I've been working on the for last month or so.

I pinned. And I pinned. And then I pinned some more. But it's done and I'm so freaking happy with it I could burst. It's very nearly the loveliest thing I've made all year and I can't talk about it until after Christmas but it was made with great love and enjoyment.

That, my friends is why we do what we do, isn't it? Because we love it. And because the joy is inexpressible at times.

So that's the bulk of my Christmas knitting done. I don't mean to boast but YAY ME! Some small ticket items still remain but this was the big one. I've been reading around the place a desire by some to withstand the pressure to knit for Christmas. I'm not one of them. I tell you, I am so very pressure prompted. Give me a deadline and watch me fly!

Also, Sean says many thanks for the birthday wishes. I think he was very touched.

And just so that I don't leave you with no photos, here's something from the weekend. It seems we're all about the white flowers here right now.

Here's some Snow in Summer.

And here are some Hebe flowers.

I hope it cools down soon because it's not even December yet. I'm just not ready! I think I'll go look at some northern hemisphere blogs and look for signs of snow, even though it's probably still too early.