Saturday, 17 November 2007

Sock yarn and birthday baking

When I was scouting round for that special something for RoseRed's birthday, I bought something for her, and a little something for me, which I couldn't show until she'd received hers.

Now I can show it! If you haven't heard of Lisa Souza, you should. She's a fibre dyer from the US who gets talked up a lot by Lime and Violet who are huge fans of hers. I've been wanting to order some for a long time and finding something special for RR seemed the perfect opportunity, particularly as she had introduced me to my first skein of koigu for my birthday.

I bought just one for me. I know, the utmost restraint, huh, especially in the face of such incredible colours.

This is it.

It's called Sage and it's from her Sock! range. Being a favourite in my garden, it seemed like getting something called Sage was a wonderful choice! It's damn hard to photograph though. It's actually a little darker than this daylight photo shows.

I'm not using it yet. I have too many gift yarn skeins and Christmas projects to get through so it'll just be my squishy, strokable pet for now.

Check Lisa Souza out if you're interested. Her prices are excellent and her service was impeccable. It got here in less than 10 days from California.

Also, I've been baking a fair bit recently. It was Sean's (I'm not 40 yet-th) birthday on Wednesday and I made him some cupcakes to take to work on the day. I made 30 of them on Tuesday night, not that he needed that many. There are fewer than a dozen people in his team. There were plenty of left overs.

Today I made him an orange baked cheesecake. I arranged a while ago to invite his best mate who now lives in Sydney, where he is, sadly, having cancer treatment, to come stay with us this weekend. My contribution is to cook like mad for them both. It's what I've always done, since way back in the days when Mick used to live in a granny flat behind our house.

I made Sean's favourite angel hair pasta dish last night, scrambled eggs and bacon this morning, then the cheese cake. I'm taking tonight off and we're getting takeaway delivered in a couple of hours.

I said to the guys that we would be singing happy birthday tonight. They both told me to get stuffed. Looks like I'm going solo.

Still, it's fun to cook for them both, even if I have been knocked for six by a monster bout of hayfever this weekend.

Looks like there's a massive storm coming in. There's thunder overhead. Bring on the rain!