Friday, 30 November 2007

A Sock Poll and some blockers

What do we think of these socks?

I'm very happy with them so far. They are the Donyale pattern from Black Dog Knits. Well, an interpretation of Nora's pattern, at any rate. I wanted a rib cuff instead of the garter cuff the pattern specifies.

I also wanted to try using different yarn in the same sock. I have this bag full of all the sock yarn I've used since I first started knitting socks a year ago and I wanted something to match the utterly yummy, buttery Reynolds Soft Sea Wool that Amy from Rhode Island gave me. I love it so much and I love the yarn I chose to go with it. Actually, Sean chose it. I narrowed it down to two or three and he said the brown worked best. I do tend to agree. It's also the very first sock yarn I ever bought. Can't think what it is. I thought Opal but probably not. It was something German that was available at Lincraft for a while.

So here's the question. Do I just leave it to the cuff or should I work the heel in the brown and also the toe?

Or Just the cuff and toe?

Or just the cuff and heel?

I'll put a poll in the side bar. I've wanted to do a poll for a while and this seems like a good one to do. Will be interested in your thoughts.

It looks tiny in the photo, doesn't it? But that pattern stretches out beautifully.

Also, check these out. Isn't my husband clever?

He's been beavering away for a little while, as time permitted, on some new sock blockers. One of those sets is mine, and the other two have been snapped up by Donni and Georgie. I'm commissioning him to make more so if you would like some, let me know. I can't promise it'll be by next week, but I know he's planning to cut more out this weekend.

I'm so proud of him and plan to happily be his Marketing Manager (as he called me recently). He's selling them for the very reasonable price of AU$20 plus postage.

Have a good weekend everyone!