Saturday, 1 December 2007

Saturday Afternoon Contentment

Thanks for all the votes on the Donyale socks. If you haven't voted yet, and would like to, the poll will be in the sidebar for a few more days. I'm quite surprised by the outcome so far.

It's been raining. Isn't that wonderful? Last night we had a cracker of a thunderstorm. Today the sky is heavy and grey and I love it. There's plenty of time left for scorching heat. Today, I'm enjoying the soothing grey, as seen above my rose bush.

Sean has just come home from the Computer Fair and says there's a huge downpour on the other side of Black Mountain and he drove home slowly. Bring it on!

This morning I checked out the $2/ball sale at Cassidy's. There wasn't a lot left after some people, who shall remain nameless, apparently cleaned the shop out, but I ducked in quickly anyway and came out with this. Some Caressa, some Cleckheaton Country, some Jet and some Patonyle (not on sale).

I don't know if I have much in the way of immediate use for this stuff but the colours were nice and it's been a while since I stash enhanced with anything other than sock yarn. And to show I'm not entirely selfish, I called RoseRed while I was there and made sure I got some stuff for her too. She's coming down from Sydney next weekend so I'll be able to hand it to her in person! Yay!

And look at my socks! If you recall, this was gift yarn from Mad, Mad Rachel. It's my bus knitting and I'm finding it utterly enjoyable.

Some time this afternoon, we are going to meet the woman who may well be our new cleaner. Mad, Mad Rachel talked about having a cleaner recently and it got me thinking. Fortuitously, a woman dropped a flyer in our mailbox recently. I spoke to her on the phone this morning and she sounds lovely. All things going well, she'll ensure I have a nice clean house next weekend when I have a little, or not so little, afternoon tea. I can focus on the cooking and not the cleaning.

So there is much to feel content about right now. I needed today to remember this. It's hard when I realised this morning that it's December today. 2007 will close soon and we're still not parents. This year we got closer than we have in the last three yers, but we're not there yet. We are taking a break from IVF and just enjoying December. No tests. No drugs. No waiting. I think the lesson I'm learning here is twofold.

1. Don't set unrealistic goals (ie: wanting to be pregnant by the end of the year) and
2. Have more Saturday afternoons where I take stock of the good things that are in my life. Like tonight, I'm giving away the red socks I made and that will make me very happy. They're going to a fellow IVF buddy and we'll eat, drink and be merry, enjoying our lives for what they are and not for what they lack.

I think I can do that.