Thursday, 27 December 2007

Nice time of year for a holiday

Now the madness is (mercifully) over, we are relaxing into our two weeks' leave from work. A bit of gardening (read: me planting stuff stuff, pruning or weeding while Sean carts endless wheelbarrows of dirt from one end of the yard to another), a bit of sleeping, a lot of Veronica Mars, slightly less eating than a few days ago. It's all good.

In between the hard work, I'm getting some knitting done. For the moment, I've put socks aside to try my hand at something a bit different. The steeked jacket has been knocking at the door of my conscience but I'm still on hiatus from it, despite the fact that the one year anniversary of cast on looms just days away. When it tries to get my attention, I quite literally tell it to get stuffed. I don't feel like it. I'm on holiday from all obligation and right now, it feels like obligation.

So, here is my first lace shawl. The Forest Canopy, worked in Cherry Tree Hill - Java, the gift I was given by RoseRed.

It's just lovely! I can see why it's such a popular first lace shawl project. I confess though that what you see in that photo no longer exists. I ripped it out about an hour ago because it was riddled with mistakes - well, not riddled really, but there were enough to make me think it was worth redoing everything I'd done in the last 24 hours. I don't mind really. If it's worth doing....

Also, I'm enjoying Sean's christmas present to me very much. did you know you can put movies and TV shows onto an ipod nano? I did. I knew it but I didn't care, that is until Sean showed me how to put an episode of Buffy onto the little marvel.

Buffy fans will recognise this as part of the opening credits of the famous musical episode, Once More With Feeling. Best Buffy Episode Ever. RoseRed is gonna be so jealous when she gets home from visiting her mum and can get online again.

It's not like I'm going to rely on being able to watch things on my ipod, but just having it there seems so cool. I danced around the house like a loon when it first showed up on my screen, clear as a bell. God I love technology.

Back to the shawl.....