Monday, 31 December 2007

Last post for 07

What does a knitter with a strong inclination to hibernate (in summer) do on the eve of a new year?

She gathers supplies (bottle of sparkling shiraz, check; bottle of NZ rose merlot, check), picks up her knitting and settles in for an evening with her husband. She leaves the revelry to everyone else and shuts out the heat of the day.

That's the main significance of the photo above. It's the only part of the house I could find just now that isn't darkened by light/heat obscuring curtains.

Something tells me the lace you see pictured there won't get worked on much after a glass or two, but I have some stand by easy socks to keep my fingers busy while we sink into an evening of indulgence and DVDs.

And so another year comes to a close. It's had some truly great moments, most notably the wonderful new friendships I've forged this year. Who knew, when I picked up some plastic needles and some baby wool on a trip to Melbourne at the start of 03 that so much was possible?

A million thanks to everyone who's been part of this year and contributed to the good stuff. RoseRed - I couldn't have done it without you; Amy, that one little post about malabrigo led to so much; Julie, the steeked jacket may not be complete (and tomorrow marks the anniversary of the day I cast on) but never mind - it's been a blast working with you; all the Canberra knitters with their vast talents and charms - you've all made life in Canberra that much better.

In 2007, my creative life took wonderful new turns. At last count, I completed 15 pairs of socks. FIFTEEN! Somewhere in there I made more than two pairs in a month. Wow. I love being a knitter.

The end of the year comes to a close with three blogs in operation, two of them shared with RoseRed. It's been so much fun and there have been some dark moments in all there, some of which have been made all the more bearable by the friendships I've found in this little world.

I could go on with the thanks and the memories but it really needs to be saved for another time because right now Sean is cooking a fabulous squid and lychee salad for our NYE meal and I think I need to go and be part of the kitchen fun.

Here's to a great 2008 for all of us. Thanks for the fun. It is, as RoseRed said earlier today, a great lark.