Sunday, 30 December 2007

Stating the bleeding obvious

It's hot. A week ago I was complaining to anyone who would listen that although it was nice to not be so hot in December, what did it mean for my tomatoes? I was worried they wouldn't ripen.

I need no longer worry.

It's hot. And I'm sweating. I hate sweating. Thankfully I have remembered a trick my mum says my paternal grandmother employed during humid weather. Baby powder. It really helps when you want to knit and it's hot. That yarn glides through your hands so much more smoothly.

I bet you thought I was getting at other uses for baby powder in hot weather, didn't you?

I have no photos. That's partly because I haven't taken any of interest, and partly because I can't be bothered moving from the fan. But lately I've taken to calling Sean over to show him photos of northern hemisphere bloggers and their snow covered yards or streetscapes or whatever. We look, and we sigh, and we mop up more sweat and pour another drink. I think both of us were born in the wrong hemisphere. He's of German descent and I'm of English descent. I think it's possible that southern hemisphere heatwaves are not what our bodies are designed for.

Do you know how crazy we are? We are on leave and we are getting up most days at 6am to dig up our back yard. It's the only way to do it, really, before the flies and the heat start by about 9am. Round of applause for Sean please - he lifted 32 wheelbarrows of hard, clay soil from this hole, which will eventually be our autumn planting bed. Bloody hard work.

So, before I go and attempt to sleep, I just have one last thing to write. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my very dear friend Carol and her sick dad. Well, her dad finally found peace on Christmas day, with his family by his side in hospital and tomorrow, Carol and her family say goodbye to him finally.

Carol has written a beautiful tribute to her dear dad over on her blog and every day I think of her and the pain of losing someone so dear on a day that's supposed to be happy. So if you feel inclined, and who wouldn't, please go and read her tribute and wish her well. Carol, you know already that I am thinking of you and sending you my love. Take care and much love.