Wednesday, 2 January 2008

A few days in photos

A strange new condition seems to be plaguing me. It's one I've never suffered from before and I'm alarmed.

Second Sock Syndrome.

I've finished one of each pair in the last week or two and really need to get on with their mates. I've never really had this problem before. It's not that I didn't enjoy them. I loved them all. But I keep this basket of sock yarn by me on the couch, and the lovely sock books I've now got and it's like a kid in a toy shop. So much delight and temptation and frankly, I'm not someone who deals with temptation very well.

Do you notice something about the cream coloured sock? Here's a closer shot.

Remember you all voted on how I should do the contrast and the winning combination was cuff, heel AND toe? Look at the toe. D'oh! I got all the way to the weaving in of ends before I realised. And I'm sure as hell not undoing the toe now. I swear it wasn't deliberate. But you know, the toe will be in my shoes. I'll cope with it being different. Or maybe I'll do the second sock the way I was supposed to, just for fun.

My attention has also been slightly diverted in recent days. The Forest Canopy shawl has been my constant companion and nemesis.

I got well over half way a few days ago and yesterday, frogged it, again. You know, I really should learn to read instructions. the pattern comes with fabulously helpful instructions about how to keep track with counting, how to use a lifeline etc. Did I read the instructions? Don't be silly. Of course I didn't.

But see here?

I put the lifeline in at the start of every repeat now. I'm a lot less frustrated. How can a beginner pattern cause me so much consternation?

Finally, here are a couple of extra photos.

My sister Adele, on christmas day, with the lace leaf scarf I made for her. Couldn't blog it before. She loved it. Her mother in law apparently said, 'Tell Bells my birthday is in November!'

I loved making that for Adele. Soft baby alpaca, lovely lace pattern, a colour that I knew she would love. Perfect.

Also, the meal Sean and I ate on NYE. The Squid and Lychee Salad (a variation of a Jamie Oliver recipe). Fabulous!

My leave is slowly slipping away. I'm trying very hard not to mourn it before it's over. Anyone else feel like that?