Friday, 11 January 2008

Oh that I could learn to read!

Remember how I said the yarn I am using for the Forest Canopy Shawl (cherry tree hill) is the same weight as the yarn required in the pattern?

It's not.

I looked again while eyeing everyone else's versions on Ravelry and lo and behold, the original is made in an 8ply/DK weight yarn, hence the 5mm needles. Cherry Tree Hill is sock yarn, not 8ply.


So this would mean that my move to a 4mm need is entirely sensible, not just a move made based on my desire for a smaller gauge.

So does this mean that a)I have good intuition or b)I'm just a poor reader of basic information? It's Friday and I'm grumpy so I'm going with the latter.

I think I don't have far to go before the edging is to be done. I wonder how much yarn I should save for that?


It's 32 degrees outside (or 89) and I've just had the most sticky, nasty bus ride home. As a reward, a chardonnay is chilling in the fridge this very minute, waiting to soothe me (sorry, us!) after the initial round of chores is done. Doesn't it suck, just a little, that you come home from work, only to keep working? Where's the fun in that?

And while I'm on random subjects, I'm reading around the place that knit blogging is being killed off by Ravelry. Of course that's been the talk since Ravelry took off, hasn't it? I'm pretty sure the lovely folk behind Ravelry had no intention of this being the case. It's just another place to explore our work and our ideas and visions, isn't it? I don't know about you, but my list of blogs to read in google reader certainly isn't even close to being empty when I open it each day. Clearly we're all still writing and loving doing so. Long may it continue!

Have a great weekend.