Monday, 14 January 2008

The hungry shawl

Well, several of you suggested that the Forest Canopy Shawl would devour yarn in the last rows. You were right. As of Saturday night, I had 13g left and thought that as I was doing a bit over a gram for each row, and had 10 rows left (that's how many rows are in the border) that I'd be just fine. It'd be close, but ok.

I no longer think so.

Here I am, with the shawl, on the bus this morning. Photo courtesy of Sean.

I'm really pretty confident with it now, so thought I'd have a go at bus knitting. I was on a purl row so it was ok, really.

But this is how much yarn I have left and I have four rows to go. This was taken before the purl row. I'm so tempted to keep on going but that last purl row really sucked up a fair whack of what's left. I think I have no choice but to actually use one of the lifelines I put in. I was hoping to get through it all without actually using a lifeline. Having them place along the way just felt comforting. I didn't think I'd actually have to use one. Oh well. Better safe than sorry, huh?


And here, for you sun-starved northerners, is a picture of something that really captures summer for me. A snack of italian bread (ciabatta) grilled then doused with fresh garden tomatoes, torn basil and olive oil. This was Saturday. I don't usually like raw tomatoes, except for homegrown. Hard to beat.

So it was a good weekend, all in all. We achieved a lot. Built most of a new garden bed AND gave a kitchen a complete overhaul, adding in a couple of new cupboards and getting rid of stuff and totally reorganising where things go, finally finishing around 8:30pm Sunday.


Makes up for the fact that we feel like lazy sods most of the time.

And so the work week begins. I have a job interview this week which I am not going to think about because I over-thought one in December and blew it entirely (as in, went for my own job and didn't get it. Long story. Don't ask.)