Wednesday, 13 February 2008

An incredible day

Today, the Australian Government offered a long overdue apology to Indigenous Australia.

More than a decade after the Bringing Them Home report told the truth of what the Stolen Generation was all about, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd showed what he is made of in a passionate and incredibly moving 30 minute speech addressing the nation and most particularly those who were torn from their families over a long and shameful period in our history.

He said sorry.

I join with all other Australians who feel the same way and also declare that I, too am sorry and that I, like so many others, want to see Australia move forward knowing that the past cannot be changed, but that we can all go on from today knowing that the future can be ours. All of ours.

And I am sorry that there are people who appear not to have a heart and who think that there is nothing to be sorry for.

I'm proud today. Very, very proud.