Thursday, 14 February 2008

Lost sock yarn and some basic knitting

Quite some time ago, Georgie took it upon herself to arrange a bunch of us to purchase, through her and her German contacts, as much sock yarn as our hearts desired (or our credit cards allowed).

Several of us jumped for joy and George set to pulling it all off, including organising a spreadsheet and recruiting her German sister-in-law to act as a middlewoman.

We waited.

No sock yarn.

We waited some more.

Long story short and we began to talk about calling in the insurance claim.

Miraculously, three, maybe four months later, the box of sock yarn arrived (does anyone think even talking about putting in an insurance claim is a way of ensuring the lost item will be found?)

George may well tell this story herself and do it greater justice. She, after all, was the one sweating on it the most.

Here is my haul.

Now I just have to knit the bloody stuff. I just did a reorg of my sock yarn stash last weekend and I think have a problem. Oops.

The steeked jacket is well and truly in the final stages but what with ending a job and starting a new one this week and feeling a tad under the weather, the evenings haven't been optimum concentration time. So I shall finish it on the weekend. Or I hope to.

The new job is good so far, by the way. I'm working in Indigenous policy so starting the job on the day of the Apology to Indigenous Australians seemed quite special.

So really, it's just dishcloths and basic socks around here at the moment.

Another ballband dishcloth, from Mason Dixon Knitting or here.

A couple of Grandmother's Favourite dishcloths. Don't you just love the rainbow coloured one? Both came from yarn sent to me by Samurai Knitter, Julie in the form of Peaches and Cream. Loved it, Julie. Thanks!

And some socks. I'm making up the pattern after a suggestion by the ever inventive RoseRed. The panel of rib will run down the back of the leg. These are a gift. The yarn is Sullivans Sock Yarn. It's ok. Just ok.

Happy Valentine's Day, if you celebrate it. We don't. It was put to me today that we are too cynical in our avoidance of days like today. Not cynical. Just not interested. I get spoiled and loved, and will return the sentiment, any time the mood strikes, not just on a day when the price of roses goes through the roof!