Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Hibernation

We're laying low this Easter and the weather, miraculously, seems to be cooperating with our desire to hibernate.

Good Friday, after weeks after Indian Summer, dawned cool and grey. Perfect for getting up nice and early to bake Hot X Buns.

We're not really huge fans of these, under ordinary circumstances. The shop bought ones, even the chocolate studded ones that have appeared in recent years, don't really appeal.

Why then did I make my own?

Because the older I get, the more I'm finding that if I make it, chances are I'll like it. Sometimes just because I know what's in it. I like the absence of sugar in these (taken from Nigella Lawson's FEAST). You let the spices and the fruit do the work so you don't get that cloying sweetness, as Nigella would put it, just spicy bread. Nice.

And on a cool day, with lashings of butter that inevitably runs down your fingers, we were pretty happy with the result.

The rest of Good Friday was spent variously knitting, watching DVDs (some Middlemarch and some Veronica Mars - we like lots of different culture here!) and in the afternoon I finished off the apron I'd started with Jejune a few weeks ago.

One lesson was a good start. Finishing it off on my own (machine borrowed from George) proved a good move. It forced me to remember the stuff I learned in that first lesson (apart from a spot of help on Wednesday night from Quilting 'Fairy Godmother' Mick when I couldn't figure out how to thread the damn thing.

Here's the result.

It was great fun. I was pretty happy. It seems that smatterings of High School sewing do lurk somewhere in the recesses of my memory. One thing I won't ever do again though, if I can help it, is turn tubes of fabric right side out. That sucked. Hours and stupid fiddling about, even with the turning hook, that was just painful. Next time, I'm buying some sort of ready made tie. I value my time too much to go through that again.

The sewing journey has begun. Now, I'm back to my hibernating.

Happy Easter everyone.