Thursday, 20 March 2008

Playing Pimp

Some of you will know the blog, Pierre the Yarn Snob, by Gingernut. Well, Ginger has gone and opened a store. It's called GingerKnits (see button in the sidebar) and it has lots and lots of goodies. There's some really lovely stuff there and I'm sure with time Ginger will grow it beautifully.

For this month, or what's left of it (because I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes) Ginger is offering introductory discounts on all items including silk project bags, handspun yarn, books and loads more.

To recieve a discount, use the code BELS5% when you make a purchase. By doing this, I go in the draw to receive a $50 voucher for myself!


I'd say by now no one remembers my Dublin Bay socks made out of Vesper sock yarn. Here's a picture of the first one, which was long ago finished and sat waiting for its mate.

I originally finished this one in October, after Mad, Mad Rachel sent me the yarn as a gift. I really love the yarn - the colours make me think of lemonade icey poles - you know those blue ones? I think they'll be a great antidote in winter when I need some bright colour on a grey day. But second sock syndrome hit hard, mixed with Christmas knitting and the jacket.

Two days ago, I started the second one and am flying through it. I was on the bus this morning, so engrossed in the lace panel and the joy of waiting for the next splash of blue to make its way to my fingers that it took me until reaching the city to notice that the bus was in fact crammed full to bursting with passengers. I was caught up in the newest episode of Stash and Burn and just didn't notice a thing going on around me.

Knitting with yarn that was a gift from a friend is especially nice because I find I spend time thinking about that friend while working with it. I thought of you a lot this morning, Rachel, wondering what wine you were drinking since it was evening for you by then.

Half a day to go and the Easter break begins. Bring it on. Be happy and safe everyone.