Sunday, 16 March 2008

A hot weekend

Where the hell did autumn go? A couple of weeks ago I was starting to wear layers to work, sleep under the doona and cook more autumnal food. I was starting to feel alive again.

Once again, it's unbearably hot. Stinking hot. We're all sticky, sweaty and irritable. That said, it's been very pleasant in other ways. We've had family come to visit. My sister Adele, her husband and little Will have been here since Friday night and left not long ago. But more on that in a minute.

If you read RoseRed's blog you'll maybe have seen her post yesterday about our anniversary. Around this time a year ago, RoseRed was offering a spare copy of Interweave Knits on Good Yarn Karma and I snapped it up. After that, I started reading her blog and found out we shared, apart from the knitting thing, a love of Nigella, Buffy and Jane Austen - all sound reasons to become friends.

Now we share a blog, Mouthfuls of Heaven, and a Knit Along, Southern Summer of Socks and much more besides. We're a team and a damn good one. I might have done either of those things by myself, but I think the chances are that I wouldn't have. Just about everything is more fun and more effective with friends and the good ones are worth everything.

We've bought gifts for our anniversary too - what a laugh - it's a good excuse to find something nice to give someone, don't you think? We'll be exchanging gifts in a couple of weeks when we catch up. Can't wait!

Dirty Fun
First thing Saturday morning, before we'd even changed out of our PJs, a dump truck arrived to bring a huge pile of compost soil to us.

Somebody got a little bit into it.

He'd been forewarned that there would be dirt and came prepared with his own equipment.

Later on in the day, after a the fun in the dirt, we went to Belconnen Markets where there's an enormous mushroom over a playground.

Much fun was had.

Birthday Cake
From there, it was home to make a cake for Adele's birthday. This is Nigella Lawson's Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake (from Feast). A delicious cake. And I didn't make the flowers. I bought them.

We took the cake to Uncle Boy's house (our brother, Keith, who is known as Uncle Boy). Aunty Fee was there too.

Apologies to Mum, but we didn't get a photo of the four of us together. It happens so rarely and we didn't think of it 'til afterwards. Sorry!

So who's birthday was it, really? Put it this way, the girl turning 33 didn't get to blow out her own candles!

Modelling the Jacket
Early this morning, when Willem and I were up by ourselves (letting Mummy and Daddy have a sleep in), we had a bit of fun. Check these out.

I promised photos of the jacket being modelled. I didn't promise it would be modelled on me (yet). 7am was the only time today it hasn't been too hot to wear it but I am sure as hell not putting photos of what I look like at that time of day up on the net!

And anyway, he's cuter than I am.